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Collection: Natural Shampoo Bars

Collection: Natural Shampoo Bars

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Good for your hair and the planet! Ditch the large plastic bottles and make the switch to our eco-friendly nourishing shampoo bars! Detox your hair, see and feel the difference our botanical shampoo bars will have on your hair! Our high-quality, cold-pressed ingredients are 100% botanical, and create a natural foaming lather from coconut that will cleanse and nourish, adding growth to thinning hair.  

Formulated for all hair types and are color safe. Refreshing and revitalizing, our gentle and purely natural shampoos will cleanse and nourish your hair. Infused with fruit and plant extracts and essential vitamins to strengthen follicles and stimulate the scalp, promoting luxurious healthy, shiny hair.

PLEASE NOTE! These are handmade Shampoo Bars and that there will always be variation in the look of the bars. The difference in appearance is a representation of the base oils/essential oils/dry ingredients that we add. Most all of the ingredients that we use are organic plant based ingredients that can change in look from harvest to harvest.