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Skin Essentials: Acne Skin
Skin Essentials: Acne Skin

Skin Essentials: Acne Skin

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Save when you purchase our beauty kit for acne prone skin. Our beauty kit for skin that tends to be more oily and prone to acne breakouts, offers everything you need to gently and effectively cleanse, tone nourish and hydrate your skin without blocking pores or adding additional irritants. Our carefully selected botanical products will create a neutral PH balance and infuse your skin with natural regenerating essential fatty acids to increase collagen synthesis while creating clearer, brighter, healthier looking skin. Our kit includes the following natural and organic skincare products to effectively cleanse the skin while gently leaving your skin moisturized:

STEP 1. Apply a few pumps of our Green Tea & Camellia Cleanser. Our botanical  Cleanser is gentle on skin but tough on sebaceous oils and bacterial. Effectively removes make-up and cleanse your pores without drying out your skin. Only a few drops for a glowing, healthy complexion. Just a few drops of our natural Facial Cleanser to effectively remove make-up and cleanse your pores without drying out your natural oils, delivering a healthy, glowing complexion. Infused with Green Tea which contains antioxidant properties known to protect the skin against damage from free radicals. Also enriched with vitamins B, C and E, which are nutrients known to help nourish the skin. Our Organic Honeyquat is naturally derived by using the process of extracting the moisture molecules from pure liquid honey  The Dead Sea Salt is rich in magnesium, which boosts the hydration process by strengthening the lipid barrier of the skin. If you suffer from dry skin, the nourishing effects of a dead sea salt  can help restore your body’s natural moisture content.

STEP 3. Spritz on our Apple Cider Vinegar with Orange Water Facial Toner, to perfect and balance your skin’s PH. Refreshing & invigorating, our 2-1 Toner and Cleanser is a natural source of alpha-hydroxy acids (AHAs) to enhance complexion. This unique natural blend of extracts and botanicals moisturize, soften and temporarily smooth out fine lines and enlarged pores. With a pH similar to skin, AVC helps restore and balance your skin’s pH and acid mantle. This too is key to healthy, beautiful skin. The acid mantle is the combination of sebum (oil) and perspiration on the skin’s surface. This barrier protects the skin and makes it less vulnerable to environmental damage (smog, sun and wind), less prone to dehydration, and also inhibits the growth of foreign bacteria and fungi (enabling skin to be healthier and have fewer breakouts and blemishes). Our botanicals Toner can be used anytime of the day to soothe, cleanse and calm your complexion. Convenient aluminum, recyclable bottle to take with you on the go!

STEP 4. Apply our Mineral Hydra Mask, made with Kaolin Clay, a natural clay full of nutrients. Allow the clay to absorb into the skin for 10 - 12 minutes. It does not have to dry completely, as the main benefits of a clay mask are in its first phase or damp phase, where the nutrients are absorbed by the skin.  You will feel some tightening. Rinse off with warm water or a warm cloth and pat sky dry. 

STEP 5. Apply our Pure Radiance Daily Moisturizing Cream  with active natural ingredients, and packed full of vitamins and botanicals to keep skin supple and young looking. Quick to absorb, deep moisturization lasts all day and will not leave your skin feeling greasy. Our Moisturizer infused with rose-hip, calendula, green tea and chamomile is lightweight and won’t clog pores. Just a few drops will leave our skin feeling instant relief from dry and irritated skin from psoriasis, mild eczema and moisture-depleted skin caused by the elements. Ideal for combination and suitable for sensitive skin. This unique blend of botanicals help the skin by acting as a strong antioxidant to gently nourish your skin. Lightweight and gentle for daily use on face and neck. Breathe deep and smile. You are already beautiful!

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