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The more I read about the dangers of chemicals that go into our personal and beauty care products, the more I knew something had to be done. I was simply horrified to learn that some of the most common chemicals found in our shampoos and skincare products today, such as Cocomide DEA, Lauamide DEA, Sodium Lauryl/Laureth Sulfate (SLS/SLES) and Parabens, which create a rich foamy lather, are absorbed through the skin where they have been found to form cancer causing nitrates and impair the normal function of the brain and nervous system! Researchers found evidence these chemicals can interfere with the body’s hormones. Yikes! In a study of the effects of the three compounds on 1,151 pre-pubescent girls in the U.S., researchers found that the chemicals caused a variety of problems in puberty, and triggered early onset. Studies have shown that “early pubertal development in girls can have adverse social and medical effects, including development of cancer and diabetes later in life.” This study was published in Environmental Health Perspectives. This is not acceptable! And we can do better for ourselves and our family!

But why would any of this matter to us personally? Well, why wouldn’t it? We all need to be more concerned and aware about what we put into our bodies. But these studies hit home personally for us because we have young children who are living in an age where they are exposed to many more environmental toxins than we ever were growing up. I realized that if we want change, we have to be a part of it; positive change that will not only be good for ourselves, but good for our planet and our families. And this is how The Laughing Tree Organics came to be.


Over the past 5 years myself and my Team have been working hard to assemble a line of skincare products that use only organic and all natural oils, herbs and extracts.  Our clean, toxic-free formulas combine 100% natural probiotics with superfoods like blueberries, turmeric and vitamin C to deeply nourish your skin and hair.

We adhere to all aspects of a full-cycle, sustainable eco-model that speaks to the integrity of the very genuine potential of humanity and the principles of the highest possible ideals for a sustainable future in generations to come. It is my promise to carefully evaluate each and every product and every procedure we adapt in the process of developing this brand. We value every ounce of energy expended, whether human or natural. We have a strong commitment to sustainable purchasing, efficiency, reduced waste and recycling. All of the products at the Laughing Tree Organics are Vegan Friendly and are never tested on animals. Most of our products fall in the range of 70-100% organic ingredients, if you include; natural, plant-based, vegan, fairly traded, permaculture and biodynamic, we are 100%.

We use biodegradable and recycled products for packaging whenever possible. It is our responsibility to do what we can to preserve resources. Because of this commitment, we educate and ask our team and our customers to play their part in this collective program.

Founding The Laughing Tree Organics has allowed me to formulate a family of face, skin and body care products that I could use on myself and my family, and recommend without reservation, to others. The Laughing Tree Organics line contain only simple, clean, pure natural ingredients infusing the significant healing properties of fresh, hand-picked, organic and/or wild crafted herbs. These products are non-GMO and are cruelty free. Our uncompromising quest for quality means that all creams are handmade and blended in small batches.

We use a variety of high quality ingredients to create The Laughing Tree products. All herbs are either organic or wild crafted, and are harvested in a sacred way according to Native American Tradition, including the leaving of an offering and the giving of thanks to mother earth. The Laughing Tree Organics wants to be a catalyst for positive change in this world, one botanical product at a time.

There is only one earth, and we are all on it together.

In love and light,
The Laughing Tree Organics Team

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