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dreamstime_m_26260877  Fall is right around the corner, and as the seasons change, so should your skin care regimen. Hot showers, dry air, wood stoves are just some of the culprits that can wreak havoc on your skin. We would like to make a few simple recommendations for making certain that your skin survives the long colder days that lie ahead and always looks its best.

  1. Use a gentle skin cleanser. Do not use soap since it can be drying, and using a harsh chemically laden cleanser can strip the skin of its own natural moisture and disrupt the essential building blocks that form its protective outer layer. This can not only lead to skin dryness, but throw off the PH of your skin. We highly recommend our Citrus Mint foaming cleanser or our bilberry and calendula EverClear make up remover and cleanser that will rid your skin of bacteria and sebaceous oils but will not strip your skin of its essential oils.
  2. Ahh, who doesn’t love a long hot shower on a cold morning.. sounds great but this can do more harm than good. Turn down the temperature of those hot showers and minimize your time in the shower or bath and lather up with our all natural Body Washes of Sweet Citrus or Calming Lavender, on sale now! Cutting down on the time and temperature of your shower will make a big difference in the amount of natural oils that get stripped from your skin, and you will also be conserving one of our most precious resources! Good for your skin. Good for our Planet!
  3. Moisturize, Moisturize, Moisturize.. we like to recommend cream based products for your face when skin gets depleted of moisture (those found in jars) like our Chamomile and Rose Hip Night Nectar, beginning in the Fall and extending into Spring. The oils found in our moisturizers help create a protective barrier that can help retain moisture in your skin.
  4. If the skin on your face tends to be dry.. avoid harsh peels, masks, and alcohol based toners or astringents during the winter season.  Choose a gentle Toner to help cleanse and balance your PH like our unique Apple Cider Vinegar Toner & Cleanser and a nourishing exfoliator like our Bamboo and Italian Pumice facial exfoliator, which is also deeply hydrating; rather than harsh chemical scrubs or peels which can draw moisture out of your skin. Stay clear of chemical astringents like Salicylic Acid that will dry skin out overtime, and as skin becomes dryer, it will react by producing more oil, which then will create acne again, requiring the use of more Salicylic acid, which creates more dryness! You get my point, It becomes a vicious cycle that causes the condition of your skin to deteriorate over time.
  5. Don’t forget your lips and hands. The skin on these parts are much thinner and more susceptible to the harsh conditions of the colder weather. Keep your hands covered in warm cozy wool mittens like those offered by Knitted LT. The founder of this stylish Etsy page is Rasa and she believes it is really important to use and wear natural products. Rasa chooses yarn accurately for all of her items, never chemically treated. She mentions “The natural wool, and alpaca fibers have healing effects when you wear them in contact with the skin.” You can find all of her beautiful hand crafted items here @ Knitted LT 
  6. And keep your lips moisturized when the wind get’s blustery, with our Organic Lip Balms in 10 delicious nourishing flavors!
In celebration of Fall Equinox and protecting and nourishing our skin with natural alternatives, we would like to offer our loyal customers 20% off your next order! Please enter in the Code ltoallnatural to redeem your discount at checkout. And when in doubt about what to use or if these measures do not help your dry skin, Contact us and we will be sure to help remedy and nourish your winter skin!

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